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Homeworld is real time remaster game which has been released in 1999 September 28. developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sierra Entertainment.


It is first 3D game with real-time strategy which has remake and release again at 2015. It have it amazing Graphic and sound collaborate with dolby. There are different Sequels of this game which is release with different variation of time.
On all the series of Homeworld there is a guy named Kushan and he is in the world of Kharak. He lives in different word with technology is so advance and he is in the survival mode. He wants to destroy Kharak and he lives his life with act of revenge. All the story is about Kushan with his individual character. Character is sensitive and narration is done between the game.
Fleet Intelligence
A male character in charge of analyzing sensor data and generating mission objectives in the single player campaign. Unlike Fleet Command, he is quite formal and his voice is often emotionally level. He is not heard in multiplayer games. His voice actor is Michael Sunczyk.
Captain Elson
Commander of the Taiidani destroyer–class ship Kapella and the leader of the Taiidan revolution against the Emperor. He appears in missions 12, 13 and 16. He and the other revolutionaries believe that the Taiidan Empire has grown corrupt over the centuries, and wish to overthrow the current regime in favor of a republic.
The Taiidan Emperor
A paranoid and ruthless dictator, he commands the Taiidan flagship in the final mission of the game, during the battle for Hiigara. Known only as “the Emperor” in Homeworld, he was identified as Riesstiu IV the Second in the manual for Homeworld: Cataclysm. The appellation “the Second” is so added because the Emperor was in fact a clone of the original Emperor Riesstiu IV, who had killed any potential heirs for fear of assassination. Cataclysm’s manual further describes his reign as having lasted nearly four centuries by the time of Homeworld, and was marked by pogroms against “enemies of the state” and high taxation to maintain an overly large military. The final straw came when Kharak’s destruction was broadcast as Imperial propaganda displaying the Emperor’s power; rather than serve as an inspiring victory over supposed enemies of the Empire, watching three hundred million people die merely to prove a point was the catalyst for the people to rise in rebellion.

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