Watch Dog 2 for PS3

All that WE KNOW ABOUT Watch Dog 2 for PS3.

Money will also figure into the game more heavily. The more money Marcus has, the more equipment he can make. Hacking will help you rake in the cash, but so will entering so-called ‘red zones’ – guarded areas which could house a stash of money.

Watch Dogs 2 is also the first game in the franchise to incorporate seamless co-operative play into the open-world. You will be able to approach random players and form a group with them using an in-game prompt, immediately plunging yourself into a co-op session where you are free to complete missions and wreak havoc.

However, speaking on Twitter recently, Senior Producer, Dominic Guay confirmed players won’t be able to complete the entire story in co-op mode. He said: “We didn’t think the co-op fitted well with the narrative nature of some of our missions.” As such, it seems Ubisoft has created co-op-specific missions which are “highly replayable”.


Occurring a couple of years after the first, Watch Dog 2 for PS3 places you in the part of hactivist Marcus Holloway. There’s still a lot of hacking to be done, yet it will all happen in sunny San Francisco this time around, rather than on the grim boulevards of Chicago.


What’s more, from our involvement with the amusement up to this point, it appears Watch Dog 2 for PS3 is ready to be greater and superior to anything its forerunner in verging on each way. There’s better approaches to hack, investigate, and bamboozle foes, in addition to a greater spotlight on cash this time. As Marcus isn’t a vigilante like the past hero Aiden Pearce, he’ll need to locate some smart methods for making money to make new hardware.

Watch Dog 2 for PS3 will take after the same fundamental gameplay layout as its ancestor, with engineer Ubisoft Montreal including a lot of cool new components and enhancements to the experience. In the first Watch Dogs your hacking capacities were restricted to a select number of items on the planet, now it appears the potential outcomes for electrical fractiousness are verging on boundless.


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