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Pes 2017 IOS

Soccer is upon us. PES 2017 for Iphone has landed, with FIFA trailing not far behind. What’s more, maybe most unmistakably of all, the clacking bazaar of the soccer season itself- – which both FIFA and PES should progressively reflect and celebrate keeping in mind the end goal to stay applicable – has risen up out of summer hibernation. What’s more, as far as speaking to the worldwide occasion, Konami’s PES 2017 for Iphone is a honest to goodness venture forward for an arrangement. Yes, there are signs here that PES’ contention with FIFA has prompted a superfluous overextension in elements and modes, however the center of Pes control.


There are likewise huge enhancements to ball control, turning, and the time it takes for players to recuperate after physical contact and alters of course. These indicate a more keen, more coordinated amusement and aggregately add to the inclination that PES 2017 for Iphone has enhanced everywhere.

Features of Pes 2017

  1. Real Touch: A new player model system is introduced with different players controlling and manipulating the ball in their own unique way which will open up so many unique scenarios during the match.
  2. Precise Pass: Konami also reveal the all new “precise pass” system which will play a key role in how the game is played. Precise pass is all about making a pass in the right situation and best timing will generate what konami describe as “perfect trajectory”
  3. Total Team Control: PES 2017 will let you setup several strategies before the kickoff or save permanently and use them during game with touch of a button without having to pause and do it all over again. Set up teams in tiki taka style, counter attacking or even park the bus.
  4. Custom corner/set piece strategies: Just like FIFA, PES 2017 will let users create their own custom style strategies for corners and set pieces.
  5. Artificial intelligence:   Although Konami always promise improved AI in the game, this year a “learning AI” is set to be introduced which will game much more unpredictable.
  6. Improved graphics: Like every other title, PES 2017 will come with improved crisp graphics thanks to improvised fox engine.
  7. Natural Player Movement: Konami engineers has worked hard on creating hundreds on new animation and assigned it to different players giving it a unique experience playing with Jamie Vardy for example.
  8. Jim Beglin and improved commentary: one feature which always bothered PES fans was boring and generic commentary, Konami has confirmed Jim Beglin has returning and hopefully better quality in terms of commentary.



All the more particularly, this year the aptitude spilling capacity makes its mark. PES has a quite profound arrangement of abilities covered in its control framework, however it’s complicated to the point that adapting more than a maybe a couple show-stoppers is past generally players. InPES 2017 for Iphone, the tight-control spilling offers an unpleasant identical on FIFA’s right side stick ability framework – an available approach to wrong-foot shields, open up space, and make sudden points. Like FIFA’s framework, the definite moves your player will pull off rely on upon their ability level, so it’s less impactful with John Stones or even Eric Dier than Raheem Sterling or Erik Lamela. Still, it’s a valuable touch to back off play and sit tight for alternatives, regardless of which players are on the pitch.

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