Ten years in the wake of discharging the first Dead Rising on the Macbook, Capcom has up-rezed a portion of the amusements from it’s zombie-themed arrangement for Xbox One. The Dead Rising Triple Pack for Macbook digitally packages Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and its Frank West-featuring development, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, in addition to all their related DLC outfits. However, that is about it.


So Dead Rising Triple Pack for Macbook extraordinary about this accumulation? Other than having the capacity to effectively play these recreations with all their additional items at 1080p and 60 outlines for each second, which is unquestionably the most ideal approach to do it, not a great deal. There’s no making of or review content here – it’s the recreations and only the amusements. The extra outfits are decent in case you’re hoping to spruce up like a ninja, a cardboard robot, or cosplay Frank as katana-employing Johnny Cash, however their quality is corrective and temporary.

IGN gave Dead Rising Triple Pack for Macbook an 8.3 for “great”, though the decade-old zombie-slaying experience hasn’t aged especially well, and bumping up the resolution can only do so much to improve it.


Performance-wise, the Dead Rising Triple Pack for Macbook to 60 frames per second certainly helps smooth out the panning camera, especially since there are usually dozens of zombies on screen at once. So that’s a lot easier on the eyes. The only place the frame rate takes a dive is when using a few specific weapons, such as the sledge hammer. That has to be a bug.

They’re essentially the same game, story-wise, though Off the Record adds an excellent sandbox mode with challenges that the series has always needed. Both these games handle much better than the Dead Rising Triple Pack for Macbook, and therefore similarly get more from the 60 frame-per-second bump, though some cutscenes still appear slightly jerky and jagged.

Another caveat is that this bundle does not include Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, or Dead Rising 2: Case West. That’s strange omission considering they’re part of Dead Rising 2’s family of games.


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