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In his newest Behind the Numbers column for Gamasutra, analyst Matt Matthews appears for hints of what the future Owlboy for PSP holds for Sony’s PS Vita by inspecting its predecessor, the PSP.

The PSP got here out of the gate very strong, with 3.6 million items sold to customers in its first nine months. Nevertheless, the system slowed significantly in 2006, in all probability due in part to Sony’s focus Download Owlboy for PSP on launching the PS3. It then rebounded in 2007, when the price dropped from $200 to $170, and maintained sales of three.8 million units a yr for two years.

On the PSP model of the PlayStation Retailer, shoppers can now purchase software program created for the unique PlayStation (both home and imports), the NEC TurboGrafx sixteen, and SNK’s NeoGeo. Some native PSP titles are available solely by Download Owlboy for PSP the PlayStation Store, while many video games originally launched on UMD are now obtainable for obtain through the PS Store.

Occasions have modified immensely because the PSP launched within the U.S. again in March 2005. On the time, many anticipated that Nintendo’s quirky twin-display screen handheld would take second place behind Sony’s higher-spec system. Apple’s iPod Touch, the cousin of in the present day’s iPhone and iPad gaming platforms, was nonetheless more than two years away, and the App Retailer greater than three.

Nevertheless, I’m most fascinated in the PSP as a gaming platform, so allow us to focus simply on the video games. Because the system’s hardware sales have tapered off, so have the UMD recreation releases. In accordance with my information, publication of games on UMD peaked in 2006 – the system’s second year – and after declines in 2007 and 2008 the system enjoyed a short revival in 2009. The determine beneath reveals how many UMD titles have been launched each year because the system’s launch.


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