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Horizon Zero Dawn PC is a most popular game of 2017 which got big popularity.The game is developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.This was first released only for PS4 later on because of high demand it was released on PC also.This game came to the idea after the success of Killzone you can even say this game is the sequence of Killzone.This is designed by a 10 – 15 team who made 10 stories from those 10 one stories was selected and the game was made.The game has already won two best reality game award and nominated for many other categories.
Horizon Zero Dawn PC is specially designed for third-person shooting game lover the main character of this game is a girl named alloy you have to control her and fight against the cruel world found in that world.This game was made after lots of trial and error designer have put there all their effort on making this game.The story writer of this game is trying to define a machine as a beautiful machine can also be said the world is full of beauty and there is a danger of that beauty talking about technology game has used latest technology with real life feeling.

horizon Zero Dawn PC

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Gameplay:
Horizon Zero Dawn PC is a third person shooting role playing game.The main character of this game is a female who’s name is alloy who is trapped in a machinery world, the machine as a robot with no human being feeling of love and sorrow who turns to be cruel to her.So to survive that world you have to destroy robots.The alloy used the rope to capture rope, bow, and arrow to kill them alloy can also hack the robot hacking the robot can helpful to use the robot as a transport service for traveling from one place to another.The more you fight against the machine you will get more opportunity to gain skills.Skill map can be seen by going to the menu section, skill map is divided into three section bravery, strength, and power all three is equally important to one another.Skill can be earned by completing the quest or killing the robot.Skill are used to generate new combo which helps you to kill enemy easily.The game can be saved in a campfire, a campfire can also be used for fast traveling if you already in the another campfire before.Map of this game is very big to unlock the map you have to travel to that city and complete the quest.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Game development:
The idea of Horizon Zero Dawn PC was made on 2011 after the success of Killzone.The game was designed using high technology with a realistic view with day and night change with no glitch weather changes from winter to summer.This game support almost all Latest PC and laptop.The game is designed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.Now it available for PS4 and PC.Overall game is designed well with good story and graphic .
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